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Face the Nemesis and Rise Above the Storm!

A t happy times we are often surrounded by our folks, but the dark times will seldom witness the same. We think it's only 'me' facing the nemesis, but that's not true, each one of us is. And one has to face it bravely and emerge out of it as a winner. If not a winner, at least emerge as a fighter and rise above the storm! Umpteen stories have struck my ears recently about many of the people I know, some of them being my friends. Suddenly it seems like the world has turned upside down this particular year. Most of them are going through the most difficult phase of their lives. It's a life-changing period! One of the news made me rethink how crucial it is to not let people's criticism change your course of life. Rahul, who was about to get married in a month and shift his base to the US, ended his life. This left his parents unnerved as well as outraged as there was no apparent reason for such a drastic step.  Days later, his sister found out from his friends th

You are more blessed than you know!

N ever get intimidated or demotivated by the pretty highlights of people's lives. Reality will often make you realize you are more blessed than you know. The story goes long back to when I was searching for the best journalism colleges in the city. Some of my poor decisions in the past had landed me in a horrible situation. So, instead of giving up on life or carrying on with the bulls#$t, I decided to pursue college again after a gap of 2 years. I had lost hope, and confidence and become too negative about myself.  One such visit made me stop my search. This campus was absolutely breathtaking. Imagine a picturesque campus with trees and green lawns spread across 200 acres. A building resembling an alluring palace actually being a girl's hostel. One could get the best view of the sunset from the rooms. It felt like being in a foreign land, an exotic country. I was overwhelmed, but what I saw next was not normal. There were little huts with a verandah for meditation and yoga a
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