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The Dilemma of 'Comfort vs Excitement!

Most extroverts have transverted into introverts due to the forced 'WFH' in the pandemic. Work-life balance has been taken so seriously in the last couple of years, that we dread the idea of going back to the pre-pandemic full-time office structure. The comfort of WFH is disturbingly overwhelming! Most people are molded in this new structure of living the same day, every day!  One might think, what is the point of being alive if every day we are just doing the same things? Is it ok if we are neither satisfied with it nor looking forward to the next day? Living alone, away from the family, society, and the usual circle of the so-called 'people we know.' Some of us feel free.  We don't have to pretend or be afraid of judgment, we don't have to lie to save ourselves from anything or anyone. We don't have to go through the usual process of people controlling and manipulating (or punishing the untamable ones). Making us feel guilty, regretful, and confused about

Face the Nemesis and Rise Above the Storm!

A t happy times we are often surrounded by our folks, but the dark times will seldom witness the same. We think it's only 'me' facing the nemesis, but that's not true, each one of us is. And one has to face it bravely and emerge out of it as a winner. If not a winner, at least emerge as a fighter and rise above the storm! Umpteen stories have struck my ears recently about many of the people I know, some of them being my friends. Suddenly it seems like the world has turned upside down this particular year. Most of them are going through the most difficult phase of their lives. It's a life-changing period! One of the news made me rethink how crucial it is to not let people's criticism change your course of life. Rahul, who was about to get married in a month and shift his base to the US, ended his life. This left his parents unnerved as well as outraged as there was no apparent reason for such a drastic step.  Days later, his sister found out from his friends th

I Deserve the Universe!

I am grateful there are no foggy roads ahead of me, It feels euphoric to realize how far I have come!   I am happy that people taught me to curb my expectations, It feels insightful to learn the drawbacks of over-giving.   I am relieved that I can finally distinguish evil from angels, It feels majestic that I can see clearly now. I am ecstatic to work on my strengths and weaknesses, It feels wise to unlearn and let go of my preconceived notions.   I am so thankful to see my dark side fading with time, It feels responsible to add good habits every day.   I am glad that procrastination doesn't feel comfortable anymore, It feels enthusiastic to get things done before the deadlines.   I am enchanted to spectate my metamorphosis,  It feels heavenly to be reborn with each rising sun.   I am amused that I have started to understand the game, It feels safe that I know how to use my armor.   I am thrilled that I am so sure about my path, It feels powerful to shun my distractors.   I am prou

Do yourself a favour!

We have to perpetually lie to hold a spot, it's a pity that we need to be someone we're not!   Sometimes a stranger can be trusted but not someone you know,  it's a pity we're stuck in a maze of friends and foes.    Oh, the society is piled up with toxic relatives and cheap lovers, it's a pity their masks take too long to uncover.    The fabric of society thrives on back-stabbing and cutting throats, it's a pity their knives got no remorse.    It breeds insanity and then shames us for being insane,  it's a pity it feeds its ego with these barbaric games.   Its whole anatomy endorses the power-pyramid play, it's a pity the weak players often have to pay.    Take a deep breath, step back, be a silent observer, it's a pity to get trapped in its rut forever.    The edifice that is society, is as feudal as it can be... Oh, it will be a true pity, if you don't cut yourself free! Just cut yourself free!  

You are more blessed than you know!

N ever get intimidated or demotivated by the pretty highlights of people's lives. Reality will often make you realize you are more blessed than you know. The story goes long back to when I was searching for the best journalism colleges in the city. Some of my poor decisions in the past had landed me in a horrible situation. So, instead of giving up on life or carrying on with the bulls#$t, I decided to pursue college again after a gap of 2 years. I had lost hope, and confidence and become too negative about myself.  One such visit made me stop my search. This campus was absolutely breathtaking. Imagine a picturesque campus with trees and green lawns spread across 200 acres. A building resembling an alluring palace actually being a girl's hostel. One could get the best view of the sunset from the rooms. It felt like being in a foreign land, an exotic country. I was overwhelmed, but what I saw next was not normal. There were little huts with a verandah for meditation and yoga a

Twisted Realities…

Truth be said, truth be told, but is it truth let me behold. It’s jilted, it's twisted, it has a lot of dispersion, So don’t be a judge or an advocate of your own version. There is a reason why this truth is hidden, In this hypocritical society, the truth is actually forbidden. It is run by a bunch of control freaks, Who satiate with your pain and shrieks. I feel sorry for the poor truth being within the confines, It's to shun the wagging tongues of those stupid minds. So don’t make me feel guilty, coz I’m not, You can wear my shoes, just give it a shot. Maybe then you’ll wonder if the truth be known, We might just agree to leave it alone!    

Can you take care of yourself?

A couple of years ago, I had a comfortable life. An unsatisfactory job that paid for my bills, a considerably good lifestyle, and a 'Maid'. Williams, she did all my home chores, cooked food, brought breakfast and tea, to the table! My maid had actually made my life easier! I used to lovingly introduce her to my friends as my 'Maid of Honour'. I never had to run errands or take care of anything. She handed me a list of items every month. My job was to provide the money to suffice the purpose. Voila! I almost had a wife! In short, I was not taking care of myself. I was paying someone to take care of me. I was co-dependent on her. The horrific days when she didn't show up, the house seemed hit by a mini-tornado. The piled-up load of unwashed utensils and clothes awaited her sight. The rare moments when I had a shaky will to cook a meal, the aggressive marketing of food apps left no stone to kill it! All that said, life was still pretty good.  Search for Bigger Things:
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